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Rich Schell, Principal Designer


I was born and raised in Casper Wyoming, not necessarily a mecca of great design, but I always had a burning desire to create and make things beautiful. So I finally got my own bedroom at age 15 and then watch out! It was a continuous stage to arrange, rearrange, decorate and practice my craft!

I began working in a flower shop at age 13, working all the way through High School and beyond. I traveled a fabulous year in Up with People an International Singing group in 1979 and 1980 and arrived back to Wyoming, and believe it or not, I had a two year career in the Wyoming Oil fields, climbing rigs in steel toed boots, in my hard hat! Woof! lol… Anyway, back to my roots… I went back to my artsy side and flowers called me back. In 1985 Colorado Springs became home and the Broadmoor Hotel became my platform to design in the florist there until I became antsy to do my own thing.

In 1987, my partner Greg Wragge and I opened Rich Designs Home. The business has continually transformed year after year becoming a great destination for Fresh Flowers, Interiors and Art. Thank you for allowing me to touch your lives in so many ways I must say the ride has been a good one!


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Greg Wragge, Co-owner


Born in Akron Colorado, but raised in Sheridan Wyoming, I am from a family of Educators and Musicians being the oldest of five children. Having studied Piano and Clarinet, I graduated from Sheridan High in 1979. I later went to Casper College where I studied as a voice major. Later, I met Rich Schell and we have collaborated together since 1987 sharing visions and determining the direction Rich Designs has become.

In 2001 we opened the doors of I Saw it First. Now, seventeen years later we have put our two stores together under one roof to provide a more exciting blend of new and used. An exciting destination for all those lovely, one of a kind treasures.

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Beth Martin, Showroom


I hail from a very typical yet totally wonderful Midwest family, most of who reside in Steubenville, Ohio. Incidentally, this is also the birthplace of my favorite crooner of all time, Dean Martin! I met John, my husband of 25 years, at The Ohio State University. Nursing for me and Business/ROTC for him. Eventually the Air Force brought us west; hence, Colorado Springs has been our home for more than 20 years! We love Ohio State Football- “Go Buckeyes”! And our family would not be complete without Nora, the cutest Cairn terrier in the country!

I collect vintage pottery and dinnerware and I love to entertain. Intimate dinner parties and laugh riot game nights are a must, as well as classic movie nights and fondue with friends.

One November afternoon long ago while shopping at Rich Designs, I swooned over a white pumpkin perched prettily on the front counter. Greg and Rich made it a gift as I left and I was smitten… with white pumpkins and with them! When a serious desire of a career change became a priority, I turned to Greg and Rich… they actually took a chance and hired me! I went from cranky overworked nurse to serene retail salesperson! After 10 years at Rich Designs I made the switch to I Saw it First, and love it! Guiding others to find their treasure (and finding some of my own!) is a daily joy!

p.s. when your shopping at either store you may hear the staff call me Lynette, Nettie, Bethany, Batty or even Nettie Nook-Nook! I answer to all of the above. I guess a girl can’t have too many nicknames… it equals affection!

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Shane Richard, Design Operations


Born and raised in South Louisiana, the area known as Cajun Country, by a  family of educators and farmers. South Louisiana allowed me to become an avid hunter and fisherman and a good Cajun cook. I also became a teacher, receiving my B.S. from LSU and then taking time to work with my father in the retail flooring business for 20 years.

I moved to South Florida in 2007 to enjoy the sun and beaches for 5 years and to continue teaching middle school in the private sector. South Florida was a great place to visit, but could not call it home.


Driving into Colorado Springs in June of 2012, I immediately felt the lure of the mountains and the beauty of the vistas. It was also the week of Waldo Canyon  Fire. The commitment of the people to help others in need assured me that the move to Colorado Springs was the right move.

I now proudly call Colorado Springs home. Having joined a hiking group, I look forward to the Sunday hikes in the mountain range and posting my pictures on Facebook.

My partner and I have 2 dogs, Bailey, a Brussels Griffon, and Bella, our newest edition, a Standard Poodle. Life is great in the Springs.

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